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Waiting for Mary
Ruah Bull, Ph.D., Spiritual Director and Retreat Facilitator to Christians and Spiritual Eclectics
Original Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Mary of Nazareth was the first contemplative/mystic in the Christian tradition. No matter one’s opinion of the ‘virgin birth’, this young Jewish woman, Miriam, gave her full consent - her body, mind, heart, soul, life - to the presence and action of God within her. Her archetypal YES to becoming God-Bearer shattered her expectations and sense of herself, and opened the doorway into Mystery, delight, suffering, new life and fulfillment. During the four weeks before Christmas, many Christians honor the season of Advent, a time of celebrating Mary’s YES. It is a time of waiting, with her, for the birth of the Divine Child. On one level, we delight in anticipating celebrating again the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago. But we might also be considering what birth within us are we being asked to prepare for in this sacred season of waiting-as individuals/as community. Join us for an evenings’ reflection on the story of Mary, and on three of the questions the spiritual journey might present, no matter our path: In what way am I being asked to become God-Bearer? Can I give my YES? If so, how do I wait and prepare for the birth of The Divine Child within and through me?

Ruah Bull Ph.D. is a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. She specializes in working with Christians and Spiritual Eclectics called to the contemplative path.

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