Wan Su Jian:
Qigong Teacher, Medical Doctor, Humanitarian, Hero

Michael Rinaldini, Daoist Priest
Original date: Thursday, November 13, 2008

Download MP3 Audio File Here (13.0 MB)

This evening's presentation will focus on Chinese qigong teacher, medical doctor, humanitarian, and hero Master Wan. Master Wan visited the USA in 2004 and 2006 and has tentative plans to return in 2009. On his second visit in 2006 he came to Sebastopol and talked at Many Rivers. On this night, Michael Rinaldini will talk casually about him, show images from his July visit to China, and read some of Master Wan's writings on qigong and living in harmony with nature.

Michael Rinaldini has spoken at Many Rivers several times on qigong and Daoist practices. He is a qigong teacher and Daoist priest, and a Certified Senior Qigong Teacher by Master Wan Su Jian.

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