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Wild Soul:
Connecting Inner and Outer Nature;
Practices for Tracking Inner Terrain

Dianne Monroe, Mentor, Facilitator, Inner Wilderness Guide
Original Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Dianne Monroe returns to Many Rivers to share from her mentoring practice. Join her for a small, experiential journey into reclaiming the ancestral understanding that we each bring to this world: a unique quality or gift to offer our world and the times in which we live. This knowing enables us to live the full meaning of our lives and to be deeply rooted in times of change. Whether you are just beginning to ask these questions or seeking to deepen your understanding, you will leave with this evening with a small inner treasure to carry with you and a deeper understanding of the journey.

Dianne Monroe is Mentor, Facilitator and Inner Wilderness Guide with over 20 years experience creating and offering experiential and transformational programs and workshops. She blends creativity, ceremony, Expressive Arts and deep nature connection to support others in the discovery and deep understanding of their soul purpose and how the threads of their personal story are interwoven with the big story of our world.,

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