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Yoga of the Impossible
Diane Frank, Poet and Author of Yoga of the Impossible
Original Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Take an American geisha, an artist who knows everything the geishas know about love. Put her in a society that has become profane, and ask her to find her way. The story is told through the soul of a sculptor who lives her life as a contemporary Aphrodite. Katarina sees everything through the lens of an obscure Indian philosophy, Yoga of the Impossible, a path of seeking enlightenment through opposites and contradictions.

Early in the novel, two young teenagers face a trauma that will ripple through their lives unless they turn around and deal with it. You'll meet a tribe of late-blooming artists searching for love on a crooked path. Dripping with fine art, YOGA OF THE IMPOSSIBLE is populated with musicians, dancers, sculptors, radio talk show hosts, and mermaids on a quest to make every moment holy.

Diane Frank is an award-winning poet and author of six books of poems, including Swan Light and Entering the World Temple. Her friends describe her as a harem of seven women in one very small body. She lives in San Francisco—where she dances, plays cello, and creates her life as an art form. Diane teaches at San Francisco State University and Dominican University, and leads workshops for young writers as a Poet in the School. She is also a documentary scriptwriter with expertise in Eastern and sacred art. Blackberries in the Dream House, her first novel, won the Chelson Award for Fiction and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

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