Yogic Song
Ngakma Zér-mé and Naljorpa Ögyen Dorje, Ordained Tantric Practitioners
Original date: Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Anyone familiar with Buddhism will be aware of the practice of chanting the Sutras or other scriptures. Chanting (Tibetan: donpa) helps us deepen appreciation and retention of the text. Yogic song is a method from the traditions of the Inner Tantras and Dzogchen in which the non-conceptual sensory experience of the voice and accompanying instruments provides the possibility of finding the presence of awareness (Tibetan: rigpa) in the dimension of sound and bodily sensation. The sound itself is the vehicle of practice rather than the meaning of the words. These dakini songs are not simply dramatic and powerful, they are also melodically beautiful—and to practice them evokes joy. We discover that singing is not simply part of a rich tradition—but an advanced yogic technique which employs the breath to galvanize the subtle body. Ngakma Zér-mé and Naljorpa Ögyen Dorje will demonstrate several of these practices with traditional instruments, offer instruction and explanation on their use, and answer questions.

Ngakma ZNgakma Zér-mé Dri'mèd and Naljorpa Ögyen Dorje are ordained Tantric practitioners in the non-monastic Aro Ter tradition, a lineage of the Nyingma School, one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Together they have over 40 years experience of study, practice, and teaching Buddhism.

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