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Your Sacred Life
Lanna Cairns (Nakone)
Original Date: Thursday, August 24, 2017

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The timing is absolutely right for Your Sacred Life. The search for peace of mind is a constant challenge for most of us, especially in today's super-busy, goal-driven world. This book illuminates that path, advising readers about the power of creating their organizational experience with their thoughts, their choices and actions about it. It gives a metaphysical approach to evaluating oneself in relationship to time and space, assuring readers that behind the veil of daily events there is a source of good that intercepts their lives. If they can awaken to the peace and powerfulness that it brings, they are on their way to mastering time and space, and to releasing a life of stress and reactivity.

For over twenty years, Lanna Cairns has been a student and teacher of spiritual practices in New Thought and Buddhist communities throughout the country. Cairns has studied with Jack Kornfield, Greg Mullen, Ruth Dennison, and Genpo Roshi, founder of Big Mind meditation. She has a master's degree in Religious Studies and currently works as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor for the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living (Affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living.)

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