The Idiot's Guide to Compassion in the Fourth Way
Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt, Tayu Meditation Teachers
Original date: Thursday, August 24, 2006, 7:30 pm

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Contrary to popular belief, compassion is not easy. Compassion is not simply being "nice" or "good" in a conventional or mechanical sense. Although it entails opening oneself to the suffering of others, it does not include "sharing" their suffering. Rather, compassion is about both the intention and capacity to help relieve the suffering of others. Developing this capacity necessitates first learning to relieve one’s own suffering—a rare achievement. Moreover, manifesting genuine compassion requires a spiritual practice of rigorous self-enquiry, because the egoic mind is all too ready to misconstrue self-interest as compassion. The prerequisite to manifesting genuine compassion is a consistent, long-term dedication of effort to the creation of habits such that self-deception about compassion becomes increasingly untenable. With such a foundation the dedicated practitioner can move towards a compassion that is neither comfortable nor self-congratulatory, but an act of service.

Between them, Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt have taught Tayu meditation for 36 years. Tayu Meditation Center was founded by Robert Daniel Ennis in 1976; he added new practices like Co-Meditation to intensify and expand the effectiveness of basic Fourth Way practices.

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