Healing Without Medicines in Chinese Medicine
David Parker, CMT, CAT, Owner, Integrative Body Works
Original date: Thursday, October 11, 2007

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This talk will focus on yin, yang and qi, the core concepts of the philosophy inside China's traditional arts. What is the origin of these terms and what do they mean in the real world today? Healing without medicine refers to using exercises (daoyin) and other means of self-treatment instead of herbs and acupuncture to take care of one's self and treat others. The talk will answer such questions as what is a traditional practitioner and how is he or she is different from a "modern" practitioner, whether doctor, calligrapher or martial artist? How has China's recent history affected the traditional arts and their practitioners?

David Parker, the owner of the Integrative Body Works in Sebastopol, is a certified massage therapist in practice since 1984. He began his study of taijiquan, qigong and Chinese medicine in 1987, and studied Yin-style baguazhang under Dr. Xie Peiqi from 1996 to 2003. David continues to train with Dr. Xie's students He Jinbao and Andrew Nugent-Head.

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