Soundscapes: A Concert at Many Rivers
Performers: Jim Wilson, Stuart Goodnick, Tom Bickley
Original date: Thursday, September 27, 2007

Download MP3 Audio File Here (24.9 MB)

The art of landscape painting allows us to explore realms of the visual imagination. Music can create soundscapes that also open doors to similar realms. In this concert the musicians will present soundscapes, both familiar and strange, in a journey to many realms. Some of the pieces are: "Kwan Yin Descends Into Hell", "Dwelling in the Grotto of Emptiness", "River", and others. The musicians are:

Stuart Goodnick on the shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute. Stuart is a student of Masayuki Koga, teacher of meditation at the Tayu Meditation Center, and a practitioner in the Fourth Way Tradition for over twenty years.

Jim Wilson on the recorder. Jim is a skilled recorder performer and composer. He has studied Buddhism for 35 years.

Tom Bickley on the recorder. Tom is a virtuoso recorder performer of many years and has given concerts throughout the Bay Area. He is also the founder of the Cornelius Cardew Choir.

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