Follow Your Dread to the Mystical Heart
Tayu Meditation Center Staff
First Wednesdays at, 7:30 pm: May 1st

Story has it that in the very bottom fissure of hell, the deepest recess glowing with unquenchable fire, a simple drain cover lies unnoticed. Find and remove the cover, descend through the narrow drain, and emerge into the highest, most radiant realm of heaven.

If this metaphor resonates with something in you, our practice group work that focuses upon Follow Your Dread may resonate still more deeply. No one can be divorced from, or denied access to the mystical heart. But to open and then live within the mystical heart of the world and ourselves has a cost. We don't get there by denying, sweeping under the rug, or putting aside the aspects that we dislike of who we have been. The mystical heart receives the light and the dark without judgment. So in our group and individual practice we seek to cultivate a heart/mind that holds all contents of consciousness simultaneously with discernment and without discrimination.

Following your dread is an undertaking best accomplished in the company of fellow travelers, and with guidance from others who have gone before. Join us Wednesdays to learn more about the realistic path to the mystical heart.
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