May 2017

Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism
Camille Paglia
Hardcover: $26.95

From the fiery intellectual provocateur—and one of our most fearless advocates of gender equality—a brilliant, urgent essay collection that both celebrates modern feminism and challenges us to build an alliance of strong women and strong men.

Our Only World: Ten Essays
Wendell Berry
Hardcover: $24.00

"In this new collection of [ten] essays, Berry confronts head-on the necessity of clear thinking and direct action. Never one to ignore the present challenge, he understands that only clearly stated questions support the understanding their answers require. For more than fifty years we've had no better spokesman and no more eloquent advocate for the planet, for our families, and for the future of our children and ourselves"

Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos
Robert Bauval and Thomas Brophy PhD
Trade Paperback: $24.95

In this ground-breaking book, Egyptologist Robert Bauval and astrophysicist Thomas Brophy uncover the mystery of Imhotep. Based on their research at the Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara, Bauval and Brophy delve into observational astronomy to 'decode' the alignments and other design features of the Step Pyramid Complex, to uncover the true origins and genius of Imhotep.

The Five Longings: What We've Always Wanted-And Already Have David Richo
Trade Paperback: $15.95

Identifying the things you long for can reveal deep truths about yourself. The Five Longings can show you how to work with these desires to live in a happier, more satisfying way. If you've ever had a vague sense that something's missing from your life, congratulations: That longing for something better is a sign of being fully human, fully alive.

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