April Tea Tasting Event
White Purity, New Smoke and Aged Power
Many Rivers Staff
Saturday, April 28, 2:00 pm
Free/By Donation

Re-scheduled from March, when circumstances forced postponement, the teas we taste this month extend over a wide range. We begin with Silver Needle white tea, switch to a new crop of a light green oolong called Jin Shuan, move to a new crop of Charcoal-Roasted Tung Ting, and finally taste a pu-erh-ized Silver Needle and other, dark pu-erhs. An unusual line-up of teas, that will permit us to compare teas we rarely juxtapose in tastings. Check it out! Our tea tastings are fun events whether you are a newbie to whole-leaf tea, or an experienced connoisseur. Everyone is welcome!

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