April Tea Tasting Event
Reliable Tea Friends
Many Rivers Staff
Saturday, April 20, 2:00 pm
Free/By Donation

Teas that we return to drinking, whether day after day, or that we may pick up again after a hiatus of weeks, months or longer, represent styles of tea that we find comfort in reliably. In this tasting we profile some of the teas that many customers come back to again and again. Tasting them side by side may uncover some of the virtues that we may have forgotten to notice in particular over the years, like friends whose qualities we rely upon but may come to take for granted. Join us for a tasting of some of the standards in our tea collection that merit revisiting with fresh palates. Our tea tastings are convivial, fun affairs where we are delighted to hear your responses to teas along the way. Check it out!

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