Odin Halvorson
Monday, April 17, 7:30 pm
Free/By Donation

Once a month we come together as a community to discuss democracy—how it affects us, how we affect it, and what it all means anyway. Ordinary people can make a difference in the world if they come together as communities, regardless of political lines.

Our question this month is: How does belief affect democracy?

Democracy Cafe was founded by the philosopher Christopher Phillips, as part of his Socrates Cafe initiative. The goal is to use a method of dialog inspired by Socrates to uncover truths about the world—in this case the world of democracy, open societies, and politics in general. We're adding to the hundreds of such cafes that exist worldwide. Receiving information from the Internet (or any source) is detrimental to our critical abilities, unless we can also meet communally with citizens in our local communities, to discuss the world in an open manner on a regular basis.

Odin Halvorson is a published writer of short stories and poetry, who has helped bring National Novel Writing Month to Sonoma County during the last two years as a volunteer liaison. As the facilitator for Democracy Café, he hopes to bring political involvement back to the communities where it's needed most. Learn more about him at his website, OdinHalvorson.com

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