September Tea Tasting Event
Pu-erh Puissance, i.e., Power, Might, Force
Conducted by Many Rivers Staff
Saturday, September 21, 2:00 pm
Free/By Donation

Pu-erh teas are the least esoteric teas, the mightiest in flavor and in their effects upon the body and mind. Not that their powers derive from caffeine; in fact, pu-erh teas are customarily described as lower in caffeine than black teas. The forceful impressions produced by pu-erh teas can be said to stem from their function, as described in Chinese medicine, to bring energies in the body /mind down toward the lower quarter of the trunk, to the digestive and related systems. The fall is the time of the yearly cycle when such a direction in the flow of bodily energies is prescribed. In this tasting, we will taste a flight of pu-erh teas, discuss their qualities and health benefits, and solicit comments from the audience. As ever, our tea-tastings are convivial affairs where tea neophytes and tea-education elites mingle in happy propinquity (another esoteric word for most, beginning with the letter "p" and referring to "proximity"). Check it out!

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