Star Craving Mad? Don't Blame It on the Stars!
Karl Frederick, local astrologer and poet
Thursday, February 14, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Want to ask an astrologer a question about your chart? About your relationships in particular on Valentine's Day? Submit your question, with your anonymous birth info (exact time, date, and place), NO LATER THAN FEB. 7, via email to, or written to the store, as it takes time for Karl to do multiple charts! At the February 14th event, after a few introductory comments about his personal relationship with the science and art of astrology, Karl will offer his astrological take/ insights about ten of the queries submitted. Dialogue with the audience will be encouraged. Don't forget to send birth info plus a question a week BEFORE the evening!!!

Karl Frederick is a Sonoma County poet and astrologer, retired from a career as an Electrical Engineer / Program Manager for communications systems development. He delights in peering at life through an astrological lens. Although he does not believe in astrology, he finds it provides a comprehensive and frequently amazing perspective for understanding people and the context of their lives.

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