Getting Into Memoir: The Uses of the Past
Beverly Riverwood
Thursday, February 28, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Six years ago, a group of folks interested in memoir writing started to share ideas. They enjoyed working through the process, developed some stories, sharing adventures, and ultimately collecting these in a book. This Thursday, they will share that process so people who might like to get started writing can find the right door and find support and encouragement.

After fifty years of teaching reading, writing, stone carving, outdoor education and equestrian arts, Bev Riverwood was drawn to the memoir form for writing her own book. Six years ago she and her friend, author Helen Caswell, began a memoir group at the Occidental Center for the Arts. The group members enjoyed finding their own door into the form and would like to share the various ways they chose. We'd like to encourage others to find their entrance as well. The nine authors have written professionally in their lifetime fields of medicine, law, education, construction, business, journalism, government, music and other creative arts. Memoir was new to us all and this particular truth-seeking process has been of tremendous value.

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