Pilgrimage to Greece, Ancient and Modern
Author, Poet and Editor Iven Lourie
Thursday, March 15, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

This book, Delos the Island of Miracles: How Delos Can Help You Find a Miracle, Become Your Own Oracle, and Change Your Life , takes readers to Delos. First, it tells them about the history and mythology and about how light and art helped make miracles here. Next it takes them into the ancient people's homes and shops to see Delos out of the eyes of those who lived there. The archaeological section includes drawings with particular points of interest identified and captioned. Finally, the book presents 12 power places on Delos where people experienced miracles for thousands of years, with a map for pilgrimage to those places and suggestions for brief, longer, and multiple day visits to the island. Ceremonies and guided imagery are suggested that invite the visitor—or reader—to experience in the present time the power of Delos to change your life. Mr. Lourie will present a slide show of views and sacred artifacts on the island of Delos, give some background on the history and geomancy of the site, and finish with a sampling of his own poetry written during travels in Greece.

Iven Lourie is the editor of the new book Delos the Island of Miracles (Artemis Books, 2017). An enthusiast of Delos, the archaeological site, he first visited there in 1972, and he writes in his Foreword about the very strong energies he has felt on every visit to Delos and its influence on his own life. Mr. Lourie is Editor at Gateways Books, a poet and author of the collection Miro's Dream, and most recently a chapbook, Return to Mykonos (Artemis Books, 2013).

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