Wuwei and Formal Practice
Jacob Newell (Wu Ming Chuan), local Daoist priest, author of These Daoist Bones
Thursday, March 21, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Jacob will share some basic ideas of a path called wuweidao. This path emerged in the Yellow River region of pre-Han China during the Warring States period, when an unnamed group of cultivators got together to write a text known as the Dao De Jing. This text was picked up 500 years later and became a central inspiration for the Daoist religion. Wuweidao roughly translates as "the way of non-struggling" and has been practiced both within and without the Daoist religion for millennia. Jacob will discuss the role of formal practices such as sitting meditation, chanting, and Taijiquan as opportunities to abide in effortless naturalness, not burdensome practices that we must undertake to improve a flawed nature.

Jacob has 25 years' experience with Buddhist and Daoist meditation and qi-cultivation. He lives in Santa Rosa and is an ordained Daoist priest. He is the author of These Daoist Bones, a book of contemplative poetry, writes the blog, Daoist Blog of Nameless Stream, and runs Old Oak School of Dao.

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