Holy Thursday, ceremony:
Meaning and Mystery of the Last Supper

Gaetano Salomone
Thursday, March 29, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

In celebration of Holy Week, this evening's special presentation is a unique immersion experience into Jesus' Last Supper, exploring both its historical and symbolic dimensions. Gaetano Salomone, John Suslov and Jim Wilson will conduct an ecumenical ceremony, open to everyone - believers and non-believers alike. The talks will cover both the origins and archetypal elements of the ancient rite and will be followed by a reenactment of Yeshua's prophetic actions with bread and wine.

Rev. Gaetano Salomone M.A./M.Div. is a priest of the Independent Sacramental Movement with degrees in theology and ministry. John Suslov, M.A., has a background in Eastern Orthodoxy and is interested in the links between ancient spiritual practices and modern life. Jim Wilson, co-founder of Many Rivers, is a former Buddhist abbot and presently a contemplative Quaker.

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