Game Night at Many Rivers! Extreme Eights!!
Jim Wilson, Many Rivers Co-Founder
Thursday, April 8, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Now and then Many Rivers hosts a night of fun and games. For our first event in April we will be having another evening of the card game Extreme Eights. This game is a variation on the game Crazy Eights. It was created on night, many years ago, when a group of people got together for dinner. Some brought their kids. There was no computer in the house and no cell phone reception. So when the kids got bored the host pulled out a deck of cards and quickly taught the kids the simple game of Crazy Eights. After a few hands the kids added rules and complications to make the game more interesting. Soon the adults joined in. Someone started writing down the rules so there would be consistency. And Extreme Eights was born.

Jim Wilson was the guy who wrote down the rules from that night. He is one of the founders of Many Rivers. Extreme Eights has been played for decades, and it is great fun. Extreme Eights combines elements of strategy, randomness, and humor. Come join us for a fun evening of gaming—guaranteed you will have a great time.

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