Tombeau: Baroque Lute and Electric Guitar
Dominic Schaner, Lutenist, Guitarist, Composer, Musicologist
Thursday, April 19, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Tombeau: solo music for 13 course baroque lute and electric guitar based on forms considering the "infinite in all things" (William Blake)Music for the last of the lutes, the 13 course baroque lute, by Sylvius Leopold Weiss and David Kellner, both contemporaries of J.S. Bach. New music for electric guitar and various effects. Tombeaux are musical tombstones (French le tombeau = tomb) and a notable instrumental form in Baroque lute music. This program explores this repertory through consideration of the "infinite in all things" and the eternal reverberation of sound, expanding beyond mortality.

Lutenist, musicologist and composer Dominic Schaner grew up on a small family farm in rural California. Here, in this infinite expanse of nature, he was introduced to music at a young age. During his following musical life, Dominic has given concerts as both a solo and ensemble musician throughout North America and in Europe?. Most recently, he was featured as a soloist and guest accompanist for the world premier of Consort with Oakland Ballet. Dominic lives in West Sonoma County where he curates radio shows for kows 92.5fm, collects private press records and forages for mushrooms around his home in the forest. An advocate for those forgotten and silenced by society, Dominic directs arkestras and explores restorative practices with at-risk populations.

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