Gurdjieff and the Evolution of the Fourth Way
Tatiana Ginzburg, Founder of Russian House #1
Thursday, April 26, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

George Gurdjieff's Fourth Way has greatly influenced spiritual seekers throughout the world for decades and continues to do so today. But what really happened to Fourth Way after Gurdjieff's death? We explored the state of the current Fourth Way in the US and found that Gurdjieff's teachings are dying out; currently, people cultivate some elements of his theories, but do not practice the true Fourth Way. Thus, it is time for a new impulse in the evolution of these teachings-the Fifth Way, based in uniqueness, creativity, initiative, and, ultimately, awareness.

Teaching without a text: no books or instructions are needed. People must become their own teachers, cultivate their own self-reflection practices, and travel their own unique paths to enlightenment. To reach this goal we have created Russian House 1 - an environment for personal and collective consciousness studies where we practice the Fifth Way as a path to enlightenment.

Tatiana Ginzburg is Founder of the Russian House #1 project. She holds a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology, is a Transformational Game Facilitator, a Breathworker (Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Vivation.) and a spiritual seeker.

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