Elements of a Learning Community
Chance Massaro
Thursday, April 27, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

In this interactive session you will practice simple, logical questions to discover your learning strengths. These questions have to do with noticing the before, during and after the learning took place. Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of individual learning styles. They will also find how much fun it is to deeply understand the human process of learning and remembering through appreciative inquiry.

Chance Massaro B.A., M.A., Secondary and Junior College Credentials etc.; 35 years as an Organization Development consultant for U.C. Davis and instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College and author of four books about learning. Chance currently conducts seminars and events focused on how to learn rapidly and remember easily for adults. He also coaches individuals and families. He is passionate about sharing how the human brain works and how to work it for maximum life enjoyment.

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