Shamanism: Virtues and Challenges
Professor and Shaman Antonio Ramirez Hernandez
Thursday, May 23, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Dr. Antonio Ramirez started learning about shamanism in 1982 when he started to have experiences that were difficult to understand with rational logic. He started to seek guidance until he found the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He studied with Michael Harner taking several workshops including the Three Year Program in advanced shamanism. Antonio eventually found Medicine Person Lorin Smith from the Native California Pomo tribe in Sonoma county. He became a student and Lorin expanded Antonio's views about shamanism. Their relationship lasted until Lorin's death in January 2019. Part of Antonio's training has included with study of plant medicine in the Amazon, in the Mazatec mountains and with Huichol healers. He is currently writing two books; one about learning from Lorin Smith and another called Contemporary Shamanism.

Antonio Ramirez Hernandez holds a Master's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (both from CIIS). Antonio is nationally and internationally recognized for creating a methodology for working with Latino men to teach them how to stop violence to their partners. His interests include: gender studies, especially concerning masculine identities; the psychological impacts of culture on individuals and families; and transpersonal psychology, including shamanic healing practices.

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