Jesus in the World's Religions
Gaetano Solomone— Old Catholic, Independent Lay Priest
Thursday, September 28, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

This evening's presentation is an exploration of alternative versions of Christ found in the major world religions—Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Rev. Salomone will discuss the many images of Jesus as Holy Man, Prophet, Bodhisattva, Guru and Avatar and how these compare and contrast with traditional Christian understandings of Messiah and Son of God. Particular attention will be given to early Jewish views about Yeshua as well as the origins of the "St. Issa" traditions, including the belief that Jesus visited India and Tibet, the Asian Jesus Sutras, as well as the Sufi sayings attributed to him. Approached from a historical, perennial perspective, the relevance of all these stories and legends for interfaith dialogue will be suggested. If you have ever wondered where different New-Age ideas about Christ came from or how people of different faiths understand Christianity, then this talk is for you.

Rev. Gaetano Salomone, M.A./M.Div is an Old Catholic, independent lay priest with degrees in spirituality and ministry from Holy Names College and Andover Newton theological School. He conducts open forum lectures and classes on the Historical Jesus, New Testament and Apocryphal Gospels and is the author ofThe Secret Gospel of Mark and the Burial Shroud of Jesus (Xlibris, 2010).

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