Grief and God
Terri Daniel, Author
Thursday, October 17, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

In many religious traditions, God is believed to be responsive to the needs of believers, and in difficult times, the faithful turn to God for comfort and guidance. But when God is viewed as a benevolent protector that can shield us from harm, what happens to faith—and healing—when God fails to provide that protection?

Dr. Terri Daniel explores this question in her new book, GRIEF AND GOD: WHEN RELIGION DOES MORE HARM THAN HEALING, which deconstructs theological frameworks that can inhibit healing for those who are grieving a profound loss. Doctrines such as original sin, salvation and eternal punishment can be soul-crushing for someone dealing with loss, trauma and bereavement. Similarly, the belief that petitionary or intercessory prayer can change the course of events can lead to confusion and guilt when prayers don't produce the desired results. While these beliefs may be helpful for some, they create cognitive dissonance for others, which can make the mourning process far more painful.

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