The Breath of Oneness
Jan Boddie and Marystella Church, Vortex Journeys
Thursday, December 6, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Vortex, which means whirling energy, is a site on the earth's surface which emanates measurable high levels of electro-magnetic energy. Since Spring Equinox 2001, 8 Earth Vortex sites and 2 Portals have been activated at The Crossroads, the small parcel of land where Jan and Mary Stella live.

Jan and Marystella live on former Pomo land in West Santa Rosa and at that time several healing vortices had been unveiled. They look forward to sharing some of the stories of how this raw, vital energy affected people who came to the land; stories of Shamans from other countries who chose from all the sacred spots on the land to bury food and other offerings under the Elderberry tree.

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