March 2017

30% Off
Imperial Pu-erh

Imperial Pu-erh is a loose-leaf tea that takes its name from its history as a "tribute tea" to the Chinese Emperor. Only the best local teas would be sent as tax/tribute to the Emperor. The elegance of this tea bespeaks this origin tale. We have carried Imperial Pu-erh since we opened more than 14 years ago, and recently when we ran out, famous tea vendor David Lee Hoffman sent us samples from half a dozen lots. We picked the lot with the best, purest taste. In fact we liked the lot so much we bought a large chest (far more than we normally would, so that we could lower our retail price). If you have not tried pu-erh tea before, Imperial Pu-erh is a great place to start. If you know the tea already, try this lot and tell us what you think. We are eager to share this find with our customers, and expect that this particular lot of tea will develop a real fan base!

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