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Acorn Mother: An Adventure in Creativity and Karma
Sandy Eastoak, Artist and Poet
Original Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Sandy writes: "Last fall I began a large painting. I thought it would be a simple, sweet icon of Acorn Mother, a timely contribution to October's Pomo Honoring Month. The process soon became very difficult. After pointless struggle, I entered the difficulty and discovered a world of personal and collective history. Yes, acorns have been an important part of Pomo and other California native cultures for thousands of years. But oak and acorns have a much longer and larger relationship with human and other beings. As the painting and my research developed together, I was continually astonished. The final image is fiercer and more global than I could have imagined. This talk will share the process and content of discovery, the painting herself, and exciting implications for healing in this world."

Sandy Eastoak is a professional artist and poet, co-founder of both Sebastopol Gallery and The Pomo Project, and shamanic seeker of ecological healing. Her art has been featured in over 150 solo and group shows and is represented in public and private collections in 25 states and 20 countries. She is author of Twenty-six Companions: Celtic, Buddhist and Native Spirit Guides, as well as 10 books of poetry. A new collection, Dark Love, will benefit the Ceres Community Project. Her current art explores collaboration with scientists and activists on the Arctic and climate chaos.

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