What Happens After Enlightenment?
David Spero, Spiritual Master and Author
Original date: Thursday, August 14, 2008

Download MP3 Audio File Here (11.4 MB)

David Spero is an unconventional, unorthodox, iconoclastic spiritual master offering a uniquely palpable spiritual transmission of Divine Light (non-dual awareness or the ground of Being), Divine Love (devotional intoxication) and Kundalini-shakti (spiritual currents or vibrations that arise out of the Absolute).

The Program: The title of David's talk this evening will be: "What Happens After Enlightenment?" David will try to cover some (or all) of the following topics during this talk: does a person's ego remain after enlightenment? Does the world remain? Is there "a person" in enlightenment? Is there unending bliss or a sober return to mundane reality—or something else?

David will explore these themes in a relaxed atmosphere with humor and clarity. The program will begin with a blissful meditation led by David. To become familiar with David's teaching beforehand, you may choose to visit his website at www.davidspero.org, or view his selection of videos at www.youtube.com. Everyone is warmly invited to this event.

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