Conversations With Angelic Guides
Roseann Buritz, Author of The Flow of Life
Original date: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Download MP3 Audio File Here (14.3MB)

Join Roseann Buritz for a presentation of her newly released book The Flow of Life: Channeled Meditations from Angelic Guides, and the companion double disc CD set of Guided Light Meditations. The Flow of Life is a series of inspired discourses which can be used as a meditation manual to develop true freedom from the conditioned responses of our minds. The Guides speak about how to recognize destiny amidst the influences, choices and desires in life. Roseann will read and discuss passages from the book pertaining to freedom, meditation and individual relationships with the Spiritual World. We will share a guided light meditation, receiving the Spiritual Light as a tangible experience.

Author and channel Roseann Buritz has always had a natural, charismatic relationship with a group of Angelic Beings–the Guides, who work for the advancement of spiritual understanding in all human beings. As a young child, Roseann found a spontaneous place of inspiration, guidance and communion with the Guides and the Holy Mother. Roseann lived in Hawaii for 30 years, raising her children, co-founding a Waldorf school and teaching kindergarten. She presently lives both in San Francisco and Hawaii, bringing The Flow of Life to all those seeking freedom and connection with destiny.

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