Authentically Awakening to Freedom, Love and this One
God-Self of All

Timothy Conway, Ph.D., Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Educator
Original date: Friday, March 21, 2008

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Nondual spirituality, the highest form of mystical religion, finds ultimately only One Divine Reality or God (call it Awareness, Brahman, Buddhata, Tao), with no fundamental separation between God-and-world, God-and-soul, soul-and-world, or soul-and-soul. On the relative, functional, pragmatic level, we make useful "dualistic" distinctions between I-Thou, helpful-harmful, justice-injustice, etc., but on the absolute level of WHAT REALLY IS, realized through sublimely profound Divine Intuition, we find no separation or alienation, only THIS Nondual Reality. This Absolute Being or Pure Awareness has no competing or obscuring rival reality. This Reality is Who We Really Are, intimately right HERE, right NOW. In the Divine Party of One Bliss, we love and celebrate this Self of all.

Timothy Conway, Ph.D., spiritual teacher, author and educator, living with his wife in Santa Barbara, California, has for over 25 years facilitated radical spiritual awakening. He has studied and practiced the nondual essence of our sacred traditions for 35 years, meeting enlightened masters in many traditions along the way. His books include Women of Power and Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time, the forthcoming 2-volume India's Sages on nondual devotion and wisdom, and a trilogy of books on Spirituality in the New Millennium.

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