Awakening Health with Ayurveda
Pratichi Mathur, Master Ayurveda Teacher and Founder of Vedika Global
Original date: Friday, October 2, 2009

Download MP3 Audio File Here (13.5 MB)

Immerse yourself in the natural and spiritual principles of Ayurveda with Shunya Pratichi Mathur, master Ayurveda healer and teacher. Understand the energetic nature of your own being. Understand which foods and activities you should embrace or avoid in order to tip the critical balance toward self healing, physical vitality, immunity, joy, peace of mind and spiritual progression. This is a rare opportunity to study from a traditional master of Ayurveda and experience its oral transmission and effortless internalization.

Pratichi Mathur founded Vedika Global, a not-for-profit foundation in Berkeley that supports a College of Ayurveda for global seekers, funds community outreach initiatives and low cost Ayurveda clinics for humanitarian service worldwide.

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