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Aspects of Aware Parenting
Gene Nathan MD, pediatrician and author of Aspects of Aware Parenting, a work in progress
Original Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014

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You may think that you know what is supposed to make a successful adult � which types of discipline, which day care, school, and college they must attend, who their friends must be, and what profession they ought to strive for. You may think you know what success is, and what will help your child be successful. Occasionally, these prescriptions for success work really well. If so, congratulations! Far too often, though, your child will not match the prescription, and you will become frustrated with the results and the process, and drop out of the program. The consequences of relentlessly pursuing a mismatch can be significant. If you do succeed in raising your child this way against his or her will and predilection, you may find that your adult-child may be financially successful, but feel empty soul-less, and unhappy. This can affect all of their relations with others, including their own children. In this evening we will touch on how awareness of your child's inner communication system and how monitoring and addressing your child's chakra system can enrich all of your lives.

Local pediatrician, teacher and consultant, Gene Nathan MD, has been helping families and individuals for over 30 years, in San Diego and now in Sonoma County.

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