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Beelzebub on Halloween
Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Tayu Meditation Teachers
Original Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Beelzebub is the central character of the early twentieth century mystic George Gurdjieff�s magnum opus All and Everything (First Series): Beelzebub�s Tales to His Grandson. Originally associated with a Semitic deity, in the Christian tradition the name was applied to one of the seven princes of Hell, and even as the Devil. Why would a �bad boy� mystic like Gurdjieff make Beelzebub a hero in this book that embeds practical advice for spiritual practice within a philosophically sophisticated fantastical narrative? Join us for a Halloween discussion of Gurdjieff�s remarkable depiction of Beelzebub and his challenges, a depiction that both demonstrates and helps create new possibilities for human beings.

Stuart Goodnick and Rob Schmidt have collaborated to run Tayu Meditation Center for more than 15 years since the death of founder Robert Daniel Ennis, and helped co-found Many Rivers as a project of Tayu Center. Stuart has degrees in physics from Caltech and U.C. Santa Cruz, and has a successful career as an executive in a variety of technology companies. He is a student of the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) under master player and teacher Masayuki Koga. Rob�s work in anthropological archaeology led to publication of the groundbreaking volume Archaeologies of Sexuality. Currently Rob is spearheading the Festival of Conscious Parenting, a project to foster the creation of loving, nurturing contexts for children by utilizing the awareness and spiritual practices of the world�s great religious and spiritual traditions.

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