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Women on the Inner Journey: Building a Bridge
Healing Racial Wounds through Art and Spirituality

Noris Binet, author of Women on the Inner Journey: Building a Bridge
Original Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014

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One hundred and fifty miles north of Pulaski, Tennessee (the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan) a project was conceived in 1992 to help heal the wounds caused by racism. The project, "Healing Racial Wounds" offered women of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to meet in a safe environment and explore a process of "Journeying to their center, the center where we are One with creation and the creator." In this work, a powerful collective of women writers, visual artists, poets, songwriters, and musicians confront attitudes, fears and insecurities surrounding the issue of race in their lives.

Noris Binet is a visual artist and poet. She holds an honorary doctorate in counseling and philosophy. She is a native of the Dominican Republic while currently residing in Sonoma, California. In 1992 she founded Women on the Inner Journey, a non-profit organization that promotes racial and cultural unity through art and spirituality. Selections of her poetry have been published in Where the Heart Is: A Celebration of Home by Julienne Bennett and Mimi Luebberman, in the Journal of Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Common Boundary and The Wild Heart.

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