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Building a Pyramid
Jan Boddie, PhD and Marystella Church, CHT
Original Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

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We realized Mom's old greenhouse, a falling down wooden potting shed with exposed rusty nails, needed to be replaced and that meant hiring someone. "Well," we agreed, "maybe in the spring. Right now it's time to prepare for the fall Shaman Conference. It was our third of a dozen years at the Santa Sabina Retreat and Conference Center in Marin where we shared the newest stories about the earth energy vortices and ancestor spirits on the land where we live in northern California. After our presentation a young man followed us down the hall and quietly made an offer: "I'd like to do service with you two ladies." As it turned out, Russ was a carpenter, and when asked said he could build a greenhouse. We did not realize it then, but Spirit had advanced us into our next challenge. They seemed to enjoy teaching two Aries women the art of patience. Indeed, it took a long while, but when Russ arrived he felt the energies, embraced the spirit of the land and yelled out, "This is the place! This is where I want to build my first pyramid." What followed were the challenges and blessings of taking down the shed, receiving an energetic Fire Cauldron that arrived to brew a new metaphorical stew, embracing Sekhmet as the new Gatekeeper, being put on hold until the Crystal Spire surfaced, fundraising for materials needed to build the pyramid, and yes, also constructing a greenhouse. The magical ending to this part of our pyramid story is our shaman friends from Mongolia, Zorigbataar and his wife Bayamaar, returned to the U.S. to gift us with a Blessing Ceremony.

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