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Using the Chakras Tarot Spread To Find Answers and Gain Emotional Clarity
Kooch and Victor Daniel, authors of Tarot at the Crossroads
Original Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Kooch and Victor Daniels will focus on three separate card spreads that demonstrate step by step how the tarot is a medium for exploring the psyche, the emotions, and relationships. Card spreads will be talked about in specific ways that show how the tarot can be used as a tool for helping oneself or one's client move toward greater clarity. The spreads being discussed will be the seven-card chakra spread, a nine-card chakra spread, and a simple three-card spread. Also, time will be given for discussing the meaning of the chakras, card meanings, and using the chakras to give compatibility readings.

Kooch and Victor Daniels are authors and workshop leaders living in Sonoma County who love the tarot. Together they have co-authored Tarot At The Cross Roads, The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot And Psychology released by Schiffer Publishing. It attempts to unify how tarot can be used equally in the diverse worlds of psychotherapists, counselors, and tarot readers. Other works they have co-authored are Tarot D'Amour, Matrix Meditations—" Connecting the Mind and the Heart" and released this past February, Awakening The Chakras, Integrate the Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life tri-authored with Pieter Weltevrede.

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