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Christ and the Upanishads:
The Ganges and the Jordan Meet

Brother John Martin Sahajananda Kuvarapu, Author and Superior of Shantivanam Ashram in India
Original Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Until now Christianity has tried to understand and interpret Christ and his message predominantly from the biblical tradition. This interpretation created a sectarian God and a sectarian Jesus Christ, who is the head of a new religion, thus dividing human beings as Christians and non-Christians. Understanding and interpreting Jesus Christ and his message in the light of Upanishadic wisdom gives us a new vision of God and a new vision of Christ that breaks down all barriers and initiates a universal God, a universal Christ and thus contributes to unity, peace and freedom in the world.

Br. John Martin Sahajananda is a member and present superior of Shantivanam community in Tamil Nadu, India. This ashram was founded by two french priests Jules Monchanin and Henri Le Saux in 1950. Fr.Bede Griffiths, a Benedictine monk, took the leadership of the ashram in 1968. Br. Martin has been very much inspired by the vision of Shantivanam. He was one of the close disciples of Bede Griffiths. His passion is inter-religious dialogue, particularly Hindu-Christian dialogue. He is invited to Europe every year to lead seminars and retreats on the vision of Christianity for our times and on inter-religious harmony. He has written several books. Some are: You Are the Light - Rediscovering the Eastern Jesus; Truth Has No Boundaries; Fully Human Fully Divine; New Annunciation - A Universal Call to be Virgin Mothers of God; The Ganges and the Jordan Meet: Reincarnation and Resurrection.

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