Consciously Evolve Yourself:
The Miracle of Inner Work and Loving Relationship

Dr. Peter Davis, Author, Therapist, Educator
Original Date: Thursday, December 1, 7:30 pm

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We who pursue the lifelong path of conscious evolution live a healthier, more radiant life and can assist our species in the next evolution. This is the path that Peter Davis, his extraordinary teachers and his students have pursued. To evolve, one regenerates one's centers of force: physical, emotional and mental, and learns to live in the "energetic continuum." Peter will outline the esoteric practices handed down to him that he taught to his students. These methods increase aliveness and joy, focus attention and intention. Our species must evolve consciously to save itself and to realize our magnificent human possibilities. We, here today, may witness the greatest transformation in history and the creation of a new species, the hypersapien.

Dr. Peter Davis has served as a psychologist, health scientist, Reichian bio-energetic therapist, minister, investment adviser, tai chi chuan master and headmaster of the Center for Conscious Being, an esoteric school that was founded in Berkeley three decades ago and had a ranch in Sebastopol for many years. Through this school Peter initiated a series of over fifty life-changing retreats during which up to fifty participants were able to experience living on another "planet" for several days at a time. Dr. Davis is the author of several radical books including "The Astonishing Physics of the Mind," and "Mirror of Awakening."

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