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Contemplating Lent and the Process of Dying to the False Self in the Christian Tradition
Ruah Bull, Spiritual Director and Retreat Facilitator
Original Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014

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There are many ways in which Christians around the world understand and honor Lent, the forty days before Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. It is often a somber time, one of deep reflection in which we can become more awake to how we live unconsciously and out of alignment with Spirit in our inner and outer lives. At its best, Lent promotes self-knowledge, both a healthy self-regard and healthy humility that further deepens our reliance on God and the offering of transformation. Trappist monk Thomas Keating, writes that �salvation is the awareness of our union with God' and Lent is a season in which we pray for that awareness. We pray that we become aware of and consent to the release of that which is inauthentic so that the real within ourselves that is there can be more fully revealed and lived. In this contemplative evening, we will be exploring Lent as a season—of the year and, over and over, of our lives—when we are called to participate in the gradual dismantling of our false self. This is the dying that releases that which misses the mark out of confusion and ignorance as well as, at times, willful egocentricity. This is the death of that which stumbles as it seeks true joy. This is the journey of discerning what is to be let go of and what remains to be embraced. This is the process of letting go that opens inner space into which the true-self-in-Christ is resurrected. Join us for an evening in which we reflect upon that which might be asking to be released in you so that you can more fully honor and embody the beauty and meaning of your story. We will ponder together Christ's Cross and Resurrection, and what that symbolizes in your own life.

Ruah Bull Ph.D. is a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. She specializes in working with Christians and Spiritual Eclectics called to the contemplative path.

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