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Panel: Living the Contemplative Life in the World
Myosho Virginia Matthews, Kathleen Robbiano, Jim Wilson
Original Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013

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In this panel discussion with Myosho Ginny Matthews, Kathleen Robbiano, ofs and Jim Wilson, our panelists will explore the nature of contemplative life outside of the monastery or meditation cave. They will share how their contemplative practices manifest in daily activity and how their commitment to their �inner monastic� informs their lives. Drawing from the rich contemplative traditions of Christianity and Buddhism, this evening opens up the question of what form contemplation and action may take as we move deeper into the 21st century.

Myosho Ginny Matthews is a Rinzai lay ordained nun in the Zen Buddhist lineage of Joshu Sasaki, Roshi, her teacher since 1973. She is a professional dancer/teacher offering Pilates,dance classes and Zen meditation for women at her studio, Downtown Dance/Art Space. She is deeply committed to partnership, family and community life.

Kathleen Robbiano, ofs is a member of the Roman Catholic Secular Franciscan Order and current minister for the Sonoma County �il Poverello� fraternity. Her background includes work in the healing fields of nursing, midwifery and dance, and her mission is to be a presence of the love, healing and peace of Christ.

Jim Wilson studied Buddhism in Korea and Japan. He is a former monk and Abbot of a Temple in New York. He is currently of the local Quaker Meeting here in Sebastopol, and works at Many Rivers. He spends most of his free time writing poetry.

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