The Mystery of Cupid's Arrow: Karma, Divine Love,
and Co-Meditation

Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Tayu Meditation Teacher
Original date: Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Who can explain why two individuals come together in relationship? Valentine's Day reminds us that relationships spring from a mysterious source, and that love has many levels, from aching desire to union with the divine. But ultimately, love need not remain opaque; it is meant to open to view like an unfolding flower. The unwavering meditative gaze can teach us not just about the most perfect love; it can also open our eyes to the compulsive karmic habits we inadvertently bring to our very human relationships with spouses, lovers and others. Co-Meditation is a two-person meditation technique we can use to simply be present with the Other without judging or engaging our usual agendas. Join us for a Valentine's Day exploration of how we can come together in love ever more perfectly and ever more honestly.

Rob Schmidt is a senior meditation teacher at Tayu Meditation Center, the owner and operator of Many Rivers. He has practiced and taught Co-Meditation to individuals and couples for over thirty years.

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