The Dance of Zen Practice
Daniel Terragno, Roshi, Founder of Rocks and Clouds Zendo
Original date: Thursday, September 30, 2010

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If Zen practice is a dance, who/what dances? If Zen is applicable to everyday life, what does it mean to Zen dance through the day? Join Daniel Terragno, Sebastopol's resident Zen roshi, for an examination of these and other questions about the meaning and nature of spiritual practice.

Daniel Terragno, Roshi is the director and founder of Rocks and Clouds Zendo in Sebastopol. He also teaches at the Yellow Springs Dharma Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio, at Zen Viento del Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also at Zen Montanas Y Mar in Santiago, Chile. He is a Member of The Diamond Sangha Teachers' Circle (Founded by Robert Aitken, Roshi) and AZTA, the American Zen Teacher's Association. He is a self-employed custom cabinet maker in Sebastopol where he lives and teaches. His teaching includes koan study as well as "shikan taza". In addition to Zen, Daniel's training has included seventeen years in a Gurdjieff Group founded by the late W. Nyland, who studied with Gurdjieff from 1924 until Gurdjeff's death in 1949, plus hospice volunteer work, teaching meditation in the San Francisco Jail, as well as teaching in various alcohol and drug treatment centers under the title "Meditation and Recovery".

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