The Daoist Practice Journal
Michael Rinaldini, Daoist Priest and Founder of American Dragon Gate Lineage
Original Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Michael Rinaldini will read and discuss his book A Daoist Practice Journal: Come Laugh With Me. This book offers the cultivation practices for walking the Daoist path from the perspective of a modern day western Daoist. The book consists of journal entries written by the author over an eighteen-year period. Entries cover topics like zuowang meditation, scriptures, qigong, the value of silence and solitude, and Daoist, Buddhist and Catholic mysticism, tea drinking and more.

Michael Rinaldini, (Shifu Li Chang Dao) is the director of the Qigong and Daoist Training Center, and the founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage. He is a National Qigong Association Level IV (highest) Certified Qigong Teacher, and a 22nd generation Longmen Daoist priest, ordained in China in 2003. He lives with his family in Sebastopol. For more information on his services, please visit .

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