Readings From Devotional Poetry:
Divine Inspiration for Joy and Awakening

Amrita Canning, Spiritual Guide
Original date: Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Down through the ages, poets from all backgrounds and places have delved deep into the Divine to bring forth words that inspire and nourish heart and soul to a deeper experience of Love, Light and Truth. Tonight we will have readings from poets who seek, through their words, to give an experience of the Divine that is far beyond words. These include the well-known and beloved such as Mirabai, Rumi, and Walt Whitman. In addition we will explore those who may not be as well known but are certainly as potent and profound in the way they touch the soul and awaken Love.

Amrita Canning has been a spiritual guide and meditation teacher for over 25 years. Working with unconditional Love and Forgiveness, selfless Service and Divine Wisdom she integrates Eastern and Western Spiritual teachings and techniques to help people to find true fulfillment and share with others the Joy and Oneness of who we all really are.

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