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How Dreams Help and Why We Work With Them
Travis Wernet, Dream Teacher/Certified Dream Worker, Musician, and Unitarian Minister
Original Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Why do we experience meaningful symbolic adventures when we go to sleep at night? How do we seek and find the 'true north' of our own individual compasses as we traverse the unique pathway that is our life? People from many ages and cultures have understood that dreams are a vital, rich source of inner guidance and wisdom that provide useful yet expansive information for finding balance and wholeness. Using sound as well as tried and true techniques for opening to the vibrant healing energy of dreams, we'll share an evening together learning how to approach and remember our dreams and their potential, deeply significant boons for our lives and culture.

Travis Wernet studied with Jeremy Taylor, world-renowned teacher and author of The Wisdom of Your Dreams. Travis has worked with dreams and dreamers for 20 years offering online and local groups, workshops and private sessions. He continues to expand upon the meeting place between dreams and music in a unique offering of musical dream incubation. Sound and music support meditative spaces of opening to dreams as a complement to both shamanic and projective-style, discussion-based dream work. Travis is a professional musician with three albums to his credit, and articles published in various dream journals. He is working on a book about dreams, sound and the imaginal arts.

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