Dreams and Sound Healing: Meeting the Messengers of the Night
Travis Wernet, Projective Dream Worker, Poet and Musician
Original date: Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Throughout time diverse cultures have worked with and sought to understand the adventures, symbols and apparent communications springing from dreams and waking visions. In this stirring evening discussion Projective Dream Worker Travis Wernet will present a Self-Empowering model for working with and understanding some of the wide variety of ideas and experiences realting to dreams and dreaming. In this unique approach, the focus is set upon the recalled dream as a personal-cultural narrative. Techniques for finding insights on one's own and in group settings will be offered. Topics will include Archetypal Perspectives, Global Views on Dreams and Dream Work as a Spiritual-Soul Practice.

Travis Wernet is a trained Dream Worker currently completing his Certification at the Marin institute for Projective Dream Work (MIPD) with Jeremy Taylor. He worked in the Community Mental Health Field in San Francisco for 11 years. He currently has a private practice in Sebastopol and Emeryville California and leads group centered workshops and meetings focused on Dream and Breath Work, as well as Sound Healing locally and internationally. Travis has performed extensively as a musician and professional recording artist and has released three studio albums to date—"Lanterns of Midnight", "Outlaw Dervish" and "Yoro Yoro".

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