Freedom from Conflict and Suffering
Jim Dreaver, Author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life and other books
Original date: Friday, December 4, 2009

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From the Introduction to Jim Dreaver's new book: "I was on a spiritual journey for twenty years, seeking enlightenment, or inner freedom. Then, in the spring of 1995, my seeking came to an end when I finally realized my true nature. I have been at peace, free of conflict and suffering, ever since�If you absorb the teaching in these pages, and learn to do the practice every time you experience emotional conflict, upset, or suffering, you will yourself awaken to freedom, to the inner peace that does not depend on circumstances, much, much quicker than I did." On every page, Jim teaches the simple practice of freedom which, as you learn to master it, clears the noise from your mind and brings you into this moment now, where you can see even the most difficult challenge or problem with new eyes. You are more at ease, in the flow, and are able to create a new, conscious story for your life, one rich in love, meaning, and purpose.

Jim Dreaver, a native of New Zealand, connects with people to transmit, through the power of his presence, the authentic experience of inner freedom. A former resident of Sebastopol, Jim now resides in southern California.

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