Eco-Happenings with PanGaia: Giving the Earth a Voice
PanGaia, a Music, Poetry and Performance Art Ensemble
Original date: Thursday, June 17, 2010

Download MP3 Audio File Here (14 MB)

PanGaia is a music, poetry and performance art ensemble which creates Eco-Happenings dedicated to expanding Earth awareness and interconnectedness among live audiences. PanGaia's unique sound can be described as "Shamanic grooves", a blend of bilingual poetry weaved by ancient and modern instruments. PanGaia creations come out of the necessity and urgency for the protection of the Earth. Audience participation is an integral part of an Eco-Happening's "earth prayers," which are meant to awaken our primal consciousness, and to reconnect us with the original DNA of who we are supposed to be. Since 2005 PanGaia has been facilitating Eco-Happenings throughout the Bay Area through a series of multimedia performance art pieces: Earth Veins (2005), Seeds (2006), Bending Fences with Ashes (2007), Fallish (2008), and the release of their first CD "Earth Veins" (2009).

PanGaia's members include Spanish visionary poet and MFT psychotherapist, Joaquin Lopez de San Roman (poetry, vocals); Ceremonial sound healer-professional musician, Rene Jenkins; (ancient instruments: pututo, Mayan flutes, Didjeridu, ocarina, djembe); Professional musician Eddie Guthman (guitar, cello, bass, cittern). Visit for videos and CD samples.

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