Embodying Wisdom
Charles Tack
Original date: Thursday, May 13, 2010

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There comes a time in the spiritual seeker's life when learning more, doing more and even being more loses its luster. It usually comes after we've had an opportunity to learn many models and try out different disciplines. While much has been gleaned from these explorations, becoming a whole, integrated human being no longer seems to hold the primary place that it once did. It's not become less important–in reality its importance has increased–but it looks less dramatic because our effort has deepened and grown more nuanced. Tonight's dialogue will explore the possibilities and challenges inherent in whole-bodiedly living the wisdom we've been studying–with special emphasis on the Chinese book of wisdom, the I Ching.

Charles Tack began his spiritual seeking amidst a conventional life as a corporate executive. He gave that up for a more reclusive life to focus on spiritual practices. Over the past twenty years, Charles has studied the I Ching or Book of Changes and attempted to embody its wisdom in daily living. He gives I Ching readings and helps individuals deepen their personal explorations.

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