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Sacred Anatomy and Enchanted Physiology
Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda, aka Dr. Calen Daniel, Founder, Sebastopol Wellness Center
Original Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014

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You are invited to join a deep conversation about the greatest treasures hidden within you. The Body Temple is much more than what we think it is, much more than what has been told to us, and much more than we have ever used. Only a few have knowledge about, and working access to the sacred and secret areas in the body that carry profound meaning for our lives, and for Life. Knowledge of Sacred Anatomy offers access to the built-in mechanisms that offer incredible benefits in daily life, including but not limited to more profound levels of self-maintenance and well-being. In this conversation we will consider how Socrates' admonition to "Know thy Self" can, among many things, mean that Self Care is Health Care!

Dr. Swami Kriyananda Kanda, aka Dr. Calen Daniel, DC, is a groundbreaking leader in the field of Whole Nutrition, and Holistic Health. After experiencing, in depth, the benefits of a Sattvic lifestyle and being a direct disciple of the brahmin Dr. Keshaba Bhat, Swami Kriyananda promotes the practice of Yoga, the use of food as medicine, and Yoga Therapy. His work consolidates modern science and the most ancient Vedic philosophy. He founded the Sebastopol Wellness Center as a venue to share what he received from his teachers.

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